Timber Decking

Timber Decking fitters in Keighley & Bradford

Timber Decking basics

In its simplest form timber decking is outdoor flooring - parallel timber boards running one way supported on timber joists running the other. A ground level deck is the simplest form however having multiple decks at differing levels provides all sorts of possibilities, from excitement for children to stunning flower and plant displays.

To Deck or not to deck

There are a number of factors to consider when planning your decking, does the location mean it will catch the sun at the times you want? Will there be area's of shade when the sun is at it's highest? What height does the decking need to be to provide the best view of your garden? And will this height (including any balustrading) spoil the view from inside the house?

You might want to consider a paved patio with wooden pagoda for shade and to provide options for planters and hanging baskets. At D&D Property Services we can supply and install timber decking to your personal specification. If you are in Bradford, Keighley or the surrounding area why not get in touch for a no obligation quote.

Elevate Decking safely

Where timber decking is to be elevated more than 60cm (2ft) off the ground structural considerations start to play a much greater part and Balustrading is essential on elevated decks. Our knowledge of the Building Regulations will ensure your decking is not just aesthetically pleasing but more importantly safe and legal. Bear in mind that neighbours may object if raised decking overlooks their garden, screening can help in these circumstances.

Decking with a difference

Your decking need not be plain wooden boarding, we can add planters, water features, seating, pergolas, trellises, sand pits, spa baths and many other features. There are several different decking patterns we can use by arranging boards in different ways. Moreover the decking itself can consist of squares, rectangles, triangles and even curved shapes. Decking can be a more flexible medium than paving, allowing for greater creativity and the ability to create multiple levels with greater ease.